It's Time To Reconnect With Planet Earth?

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I'm amazed in 2022 we are still disconnected from planet earth.  We are in turbulent times and I wonder what it will take for all of us to wake up.  The unimaginable weather patterns we have seen in the past couple of years have been pretty scary.  We have been affected by these changes in the prairies this past year experiencing unbelievable drought.  And now the conflict which is going on in Europe.

Most events are out of our control and we just have to keep calm and try to control what we can.

Negativity is not my focus it's being informed and moving in a direction which feels good to my core beliefs. 

Our family is doing what it can everyday making sustainable choices in our consumption and daily habits.

Tea can be an awesome stress release.  It brings us together in good times and bad.  It soothes our body, mind and spirit.  The act of making tea is an invitation to take that much needed moment in time to breath, focus and slow down.

Organic yaupon has been our go to beverage lately.  The choice really is simple with this wonderful caffeinated plant.  It's the only plant in North America which contains caffeine.  And it doesn't travel as far as tea from Asia, India and Africa.  And as you know we are experiencing  problems with supply chains.  Our organic yaupon comes from the southern part of Texas and the supply chain will not be broken.   This is a small choice our family has made to consume organic yaupon it maybe small in the grand scheme of things but it is something we can control.

What choices and changes are you making?  We would love to hear from you.  

It's time to put that kettle on!










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