"Our mission is challenging the status quo as to where you think tea should come from."

I've learned that drinking different types of teas from different farms was just like wine. Not all black tea is the same. Soil, water, and processing give each tea a distinctive flavour, aroma and liquor. One day I was thinking about how far tea has to travel to arrive in Canada. I had that light bulb moment, “This is what I want to grow.” I want to offer Canadian grown tea.

The carbon footprint would greatly be diminished. So I ordered tea seeds (Camellia Sinensis) and began growing.

Well the experiment didn’t go as I thought it would, as Southern Ontario doesn't have a climate indicative to tea leaves. 

The plants grew, but died over the winter. So this lesson took me on a quest to find tea which was grown in North America. To my surprise there are plantations in Canada and the United States and after further research I realized there isn’t anyone specializing in North American teas. And so the story of Grand River Tea began.


So...How do we do it?

Sourcing unique teas from around the world by developing close relationships with growers in North America and beyond.

Whom do we do it for?

Grand River Tea provides premium loose-leaf tea for our retail, wholesale and corporate clients. Our services includes private blends, packing, fundraising and retail sales.

What value are we bringing?

Offering unique North American grown teas. We always indicate where the tea is grown, is it certified, how to get the most out of your tea (brewing, different preparation methods).