What Is Rooibos?

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Rooibos spelled Roy-Boss is an amazing herbal tea which is produced from the aspallathus linearis shrub or red bush.  It is grown in South Africa and is one of the most popular herbal drinks.  South Africans enjoy rooibos just like black tea drinkers with milk and sugar.

It's toasted and ground to a lovely red loose tea.  Rooibos has a sweet and delicate and earthy flavour.  What makes this a special drink is it's caffeine free and can replace your favourite caffeinated beverage in the evening or anytime of day.  

Rooibos just like other herbal teas may help with stress relief. The act of making this tea and enjoying this warm and soothing drink will help you calm down before you go to bed.

What nutrients does rooibos contain?

-Iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc. magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid and antioxidants.

Looking for a soothing tea for when you have cold.  Try our Grand River Chai Rooibos add a bit of honey and sit back and relax and recover.




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