April 21st Is British National Tea Day!!!!

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I love celebrating all things tea.  Even if I don't live in that particular country, apologies will not be given for celebrating my beloved cup of tea!

On April 21st Brits celebrate our beloved beverage oh to the glorious cup of tea.

You are here because you love tea, this holiday is for you so get out your favourite tea, teacup, teapot and bake something delicious.  (My favourite baked item is my mother's victorian sponge cake.)  And don't forget to set the table maybe with some spring flowers like daffodils. Of course it makes it more festive if you invite a fellow tea lover to enjoy.

So why do the British celebrate this day?

Put that kettle on and grab a cuppa and keep reading on for fun tea facts about this specialtea day!

It is kind of obvious the British love their cup of tea.  I'm from England and this was a part of our daily life.  The National Tea Day is also know as the British Tea day.  It's always a special time when you have the opportunity to drink more tea.

This national day was founded in 2016 and what's neat is that it also shares Queen Elizabeth ll's birthday!  

The intent of National Tea Day in Britain is to encourage the consumption of tea.  Now what is more British than afternoon tea.  Well we have The Duchess of Bedford to thank, Anna Russell.  In the 1840's she would experience hunger pains mid meal.  During this time dinner wasn't usually served until later on in the evening around 8PM.  So what was Anna to do?  She decided to include during the middle of the afternoon a snack of bread and jam and of course tea.   So to make this a special time she decided to invite her friends to enjoy afternoon tea with her to ward off those hunger pangs. 

So how are you going to celebrate British National Tea Day?  Share with us in the comments and suggestions for this glorious day.

Happy Sipping!




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