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Tea is a constant companion throughout our lives—we drink it when we're sick, happy, stressed out, anxious or it’s a starting point for a great conversation with friends or family.  The simple act of making tea can destress or revitalize us when we require a timeout from our busy life.   Tea will create those meaningful moments in our lives.  


What gives me happiness in tea is that it provides  comfort, warmth and energy.

Tea provides comfort when it’s cold outside or relaxing with family on a winters evening.  Manitoba weather can be extremely cold and turning to a good cuppa hot tea is very heart-warming when it’s minus 30 degrees outside.  Tea provides that much needed energy to start the day.  The starting point for a great cuppa tea is using premium tea leaves not tea bags made with tea dust and other nasties.   Then the vessel you brew your tea is also important.  Tea infusers that you place in your teacups are okay for a quick refreshing brew. 

But, for the best cup of tea, we use a tea pot or tea press.  The reason is to allow the leaves to release all that deliciousness by dancing in the water.  It looks a lot like snowflakes falling from the sky.  The next step once brewing is complete is to remove those tea leaves.  You don’t want to leave them in because you’ll end up having a really bitter tea.   


Now sit back and enjoy your cup of tea and watch the snowflakes fall outside.  What a wonderful way to spend a winters day.  This is my happiness of tea.

Blue Mallow Oolong Tea with teapot

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