What's My Why?

Lynn Maidment

Can you believe it’s a new year.  Well, I’m very excited for 2023.  Thought I might share with you a question that I think most of us ask ourselves at the beginning of a new year.


What's my why?


As you know I started this business five years ago with the intention of bringing tea lovers a diversified collection of teas that are grown close to home.  We cannot grow tea in Canada because of our climate.  During my research I found a wonderful plant called Yaupon.  It is the only plant in North America which contains caffeine and it’s a sustainable option as it doesn’t travel as far as traditional teas.  Yaupon launched my business and I’m always on the lookout for more sustainable options for tea drinkers.  But on the top of my list is my family and trying to live a healthy and sustainable life.  2022 was a crazy year for our family with a lot of ups and downs and a lot of turmoil.  But through it all I knew I had my family to support me. 



Here's the thing: we all have stuff we want to do with our lives and we want to do those things because they feel right in our hearts and minds. But sometimes when we're trying to make that happen for ourselves, it can feel like we're standing on top of a mountain and looking down at these giant boulders in our way (or maybe an entire mountain range). And then we look back up at our goal again and realize there's no way we can get around all of this! So, then what do we do? Do we give up? Or do we try another route?


For me personally, my answer has been "yes." Yes, to both questions—and yes again! Because here's the thing: even if you can't see the path ahead of you when you're looking at your goals you don’t need to know how you’re going to get there.   All you need to know is your why and take small consistent steps towards your goal.   I’ve found that consistency and a plan mapped out is what helps me get to why.


My third why is you.  Everyday I’m in the tea workshop you are top of my mind while I’m creating new teas, packing tea, shipping orders or administrative work whatever.  I ask myself why I am doing this for my tea fans and what value can I create to show how much I appreciate my customer.  With every decision and action, I take you are my why.


I do hope that we can chat over tea sometime.  I love seeing and talking to you all.


Well, I think I need a cup of tea after all this writing. 


Will you put that kettle on and join me?


Have a happy and blessed 2023.



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