What Is Yaupon?

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Yaupon holly is a shrub native to North America.  It grows from the Eastern coastal region of Virginia down to Florida and west as far as Texas.  The leaves of the Yaupon have been brewed into tea by Native Americans for centuries and have recently become popular with modern tea drinkers.

Our Organic Yaupon in Canada is sourced directly from Texas.  It's grown and processed 100% naturally and all that touches it is sunshine and rain.  We are excited to offer yaupon as an all-organic and sustainable tea.  Our mission from the beginning has been to reduce our impact on nature while enjoying her gifts closer to home.

Yaupon tea in Canada is organically grown that is never sprayed with chemicals.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful plant close to Canada.  By choosing yaupon tea in Canada you are upholding its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.  Tea from Asia typically travel over 15000kms while yaupon travels approximately 2500kms.  

Yaupon is the only plant in North America which contains caffeine.  Has an amazing aroma with a hint of maple and a beautiful golden liquor very similar to black tea.  If you value connecting to Mother Earth while enjoying her fruits in a sustainable (and delicious, invigorating way!) then you'll love our Organic Yaupon.



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