Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal Loose Leaf tea
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Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal-50G-Tea

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Why You'll Love Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea:

  • Health Boost: A powerhouse of wellness, this tea combines the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric with the digestive benefits of ginger.
  • Bold Flavour: The spicy and invigorating taste makes for an exciting and refreshing tea experience.
  • Feel-Good Brew: Not only good for you, but also for the community, supporting women in Kenya with every cup.

How to Brew Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea:

  1. Measure: Use 1 1/2  teaspoon of Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea per cup of water.
  2. Brew: Pour boiling water over the tea and steep for 5-7 minutes, adjusting for your preferred strength.
  3. Enjoy: Sip and savour the spicy, invigorating flavour. Add honey or lemon for an extra boost!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Morning Kickstart: Start your day with a spicy kick to wake up your senses and boost your health.
  • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Perfect for an afternoon energy boost without the caffeine.
  • Comfort Brew: Enjoy a warm cup when you need a comforting, healthful drink to soothe your stomach.

Benefits of Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea:

  • Immune Support: The powerful combination of turmeric and ginger may help strengthen your immune system.
  • Digestive Aid: May help reduce nausea and potentially relieve heartburn, making it a great digestive aid.
  • Community Support: Each purchase supports sustainable work for a Women's Tea Co-op in Kenya, making a positive impact with every sip.

Spice up your tea routine with our Organic Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea! Packed with health benefits and bursting with flavor, this tea is sure to become your new favourite. Drink up, feel the turmeric-ing, and support a great cause. 

Organic Luxury Ingredients:  Turmeric, Ginger, Lemongrass, Licorice, Orange Peel. Black Peppercorn, Natural Lemon Flavour.

Grown: Kenya


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