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Chilly Mint Herbal-30g (100% Peppermint)-Grown In USA-Tea

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The best peppermint comes from northwestern United States in the moist mountain air.  In the spring and early summer we get this peppermint.  It is the most flavourful coolest and pungent.  It can literally take your breath away. 

Chilly mint will become your go to herbal tea.  It's how a good peppermint tea should taste cool and very refreshing cold or hot.

Pungent, cool, fresh, menthol. Infused leaf is bright green, tending yellowish. Grown in North America in the Washington, USA.

 Ingredients: Peppermint leaves

Grown: Washington, USA

Steeping Instructions: 2 teaspoons for 8 ounces – 205°F – 5-10 mins

Caffeine Free Tea

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