Welcome to Grand River Tea, where serious tea sourcing meets playful sipping! We're on a mission to shake up your taste buds and Mother Earth in the best way possible. So grab a seat and get ready for a sustainable tea adventure like no other!

Here at Grand River Tea, we're all about reducing our carbon footprint and keeping things eco-friendly.   It's like a green revolution in your teacup! And speaking of unique and indigenous, let us introduce you to our tea superstar, Organic Yaupon. This little marvel is the only plant in North America that packs a caffeine punch. It's like a secret energy weapon that's been right under our noses all along. And guess what? Organic Yaupon is so cool that it thrives in drought conditions and thrives on nothing but sunshine and rain. No fancy treatments or extra fuss, just pure resilience and caffeinated goodness.Your saving Co2 one cup at a time.

But wait, we're not done yet! Let's talk about our homegrown pride: our Canadian selection of organic herbals teas.  From the mystical forests to the rolling hills, we've handpicked the finest Canadian-grown herbs to create teas that capture the essence of our beautiful land. It's like a wild adventure for your taste buds, with every sip transporting you to the heart of Canada.

Enough is enough! It's time to wave goodbye to unsustainable beverages and say hello to a more planet-friendly choice. At Grand River Tea, sustainability is our superpower, and we invite you to join our deliciously eco-conscious revolution. So, my friend, grab a cup of Organic Dark Roast Yaupon, sip away, and feel the power of a greener sip coursing through your veins.

Let's raise our teacups to a brighter, sustainable future. It's tea time, and the planet is calling. Will you answer?