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Grand River Tea

Roses and Chocolate Black Tea-40G-Grand River Tea Private Blend

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Delicate rose petals and rich cacao from Habitual Chocolate in Woodstock, is a great compliment to our Kenyan grown black tea.  Add a bit of honey or choice of sweetener for an indulgent cup of black of tea.  Brew this one a little longer approximate 4-5 minutes to extract all the rose and chocolate aroma and flavours.

Cacao we've used in this blend is from our friends at Habitual Chocolate in Woodstock, Ontario.  They roast the cacao beans in house.

Grand River Tea private blend.

Ingredients: Kenyan Black Tea, Organic Cacao Nibs/Husks and Organic Rose Petals.

Grown: Kenya, India, Dominican Republic, (Husks-Equador, Peru, Mexico, Honduras and Columbia) 

Brew 1 heaping teaspoon in 8 ounces of water 205F for 4-5 minutes

Contains Caffeine


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