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Grand River Tea

Mason Jar Kenyan Oolong-60G

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Tea will be packed in a zero waste 250ML mason jar.  

A rare find from Kenya, this oolong tea is meticulously crafted in small batches.  Hand-plucked, withered, tossed, panned, rolled and then dried, these complex processing steps result in an exquisite cup of tea.  Enjoy!

Non GMO, Rain Forest Certified and Fair Trade Certified.

Tasting Notes: Smooth floral flavours with a hint of honey

Steeping Instructions: 1 tea spoon – 190°F – 3 mins. Re steep 2-3 times

Ingredients: Kenyan Oolong Tea

Medium Caffeine

The only tea from Kenya plucked, processed and shipped from small-scale farmers! Pesticide free. No chemicals are ever sprayed on the tea leaves.
Artisanal tea leaves… You will be amazed at the giant tea leaves steeping deliciousness in your cup.  Once unfurled, you can see the actual whole leaf that the farmer carefully hand-plucked from their Nandi Hills tea garden.

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