London Fog Soy Candle-8 oz
Sew Rustic Decor

London Fog Soy Candle-8 oz

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What a perfect accompaniment to our famous Creme Earl Grey Black Tea.

So put that kettle on and make yourself a London Fog tea and enjoy our delicious vegan friendly London Fog candle.

We've partnered with Sew Rustic Decor to create this lovely candle.   The candles are handmade with phthalate free fragrance oil and all natural North American sourced soy wax.  No additional chemicals added. 

When you purchase your candle trim the wick prior to each use.  This will stop any smoke, soot and black residue in jar.  Help the candle burn longer.  

Never leave your candle unattended.  When your candle is finished wash out the reusable jar with soap and water.

During shipping it is hard to control the temperature so you may notice that the wax may shrink away from the glass.  This is called wet spot and this happens when the air temperature changes.  This does not affect the quality or use of the candle.





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