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Blueberry Pea Flower Fruit- 60G-GRT Blend

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Looking for a dynamite colour for you next jug of iced tea or cocktail. Wait, what makes this fabulous is the colour.  It's blue!! Courtesy of the wonderful flower Blue Pea Flower. Light note of blueberry with a touch of sweetness.  Where so proud of our new Grand River Tea blend.

Only available at Grand River Tea!!!!

Derived from a plant that is common to most South East Asian countries butterfly pea flower tea has been brewed for centuries but only recently been introduced to tea drinkers outside the indigenous area. Butterfly pea flower tea retains many of the medicinal properties of the clitoria ternatea as well as extracting the deep blue color of the petals that has made the plant a popular dye  for centuries. One of the aspects of the tea is the fact that the liquid changes color based on the pH  level of the substance added to it, for instance, adding lemon juice to the tea will turn it purple.

Clitoria flowers or blue pea flowers are used for many medicinal properties in Ayurveda (the ancient India medicine text).

Make this a must for next get together.  Infuse some white wine and whole fresh blueberries or just serve with ice.  So refreshing you'll be in iced tea heaven.

Absolutely delicious hot!!!

Ingredients: Blueberry(Bilberry), Apple, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower

Grown: Turkey, Thailand

 Blended: Grand River Tea Kitchen

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