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Lynn Maidment

Our family came back from a trip to Texas to visit where the Yaupon is grown.  It was just simply amazing how this plant grows wild.  It was absolutely everywhere.

Producers of the Yaupon actually are helping the farmers control this plant on their properties.  

The health benefits are amazing and just as good as your black tea.  It's said that it may help control blood pressure and maintain a healthy mouth.  Yaupon is an anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants.  It is just as good as some other foods like blueberries and green tea.

Because of the great balance between caffeine and theobromine you'll not experience those caffeine jitters.  Reach for Yaupon knowing that you're supporting a sustainable business model and you're helping to revive an old indigenous plant. 

It is true that all that touches this plant is sunshine and rain.  It's such a sustainable beverage to be consuming.  There is definitely no shortage of this bush and supply chains will not be broken. 

We are #hoppinforyaupon at Grand River Tea.

Happy Sipping til next time.

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  • Wes on

    Great post Lynn!!!

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