My Gift To You

Lynn Maidment

Journeying through business somedays is like being on a roller coaster.  I personally find myself forgetting what is really important to me.  My family, friends and partners.  Do you take time to recognize people in your life?  To be honest all my life I wasn’t that type of person it just wasn’t how our family was growing up. But through this journey of putting my business first I realized there's something more profound than business.  It’s the human experience.
So my gift to you this year is to help you and myself start a journal for 2020 and show gratitude whether it’s big or small. 
Before you begin consider what are the benefits of a gratitude journal?  Research shows that gratitude journaling can lower stress, give you calm and whole new awakening on your life.  It also is the opportunity to learn more about yourself and the blessing which surround us every day that we don’t recognize.  Try scheduling this into your day.  I would suggest making it a bedtime practice make yourself a cup of herbal tea and take the time to reflect. If time is an issue don’t worrying about writing everyday but try once per week.  Make it part of your routine.
If you are stuck for ideas.  Well, look around you.  Maybe you can start off with the obvious write about your family and friends.  Your morning tea, dog, food, house.
Ideas For your Journal
Someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile
A stranger who made your day
Your morning coffee/tea
Your job
Your body
Look at your surroundings.  What are you grateful for?
Places like your city, your hometown, your favourite store, vacation.
Any struggles you’re facing.  Struggles can be blessings there is always a silver lining to all struggles maybe it’s something you’ve learnt from this experience.  How are you growing because of your struggle?
It’s your choice if you want to share with your family or friends but remember this is for you.
Happy Holidays!

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