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Who or what do you think of the when it comes to love?
As you know I’m on a journey this year of being grateful for everything in my life.   In our busy lives we often forget to say how grateful we are for even the smallest things in our lives.  You’ll remember my December blog I gave you tips on how to start a journal.  How’s your journalling going?
Well, I’ll be honest I haven’t written in my journal everyday. I may not be writing it down but upon waking I crystallize what it is I’m grateful for and focus on that for the day.
Journalling can be difficult some days I am committing today to move forward and journal something everyday.  
 “ What I'm grateful for………..”  Go on I dare you to start today.
I’m so grateful for all of you helping me through my journey with tea.
Love all the tea nuts that are with me on this journey.
Let’s keep it going.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

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    Did you journal today?

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