Lynn Maidment

It’s been an amazing summer at Grand River Tea.  What have you been up to this summer?
We’ve been lounging around our back yard enjoying time with family and friends.  Before you know it will be Labour Day weekend.
I wanted to share with you some more interesting facts about Yaupon.  Grand River Tea is one of the very few retailers to sell Yaupon.  It’s an amazing tea ( really isn’t a tea because it wasn’t grown from the tea plant that black and greens are grown)  However,  it is the only plant in North American that contains caffeine.  And what we love about this at Grand River Tea is how sustainable this plant is.  Instead of travelling 15000kms like your typical black does it travels around 2500 kms.   The other amazing thing is nothing has touch our yaupon but sunshine and rain.  We’ll be continuing our discussion on yaupon over the month of August.
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And we have decided that August is International Yaupon month in Canada.
Whether you brew it cold or hot know that you're supporting a sustainable plant and economy.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!
Happy Sipping!!!!

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