Happy Fall Tea Lovers!!!

Lynn Maidment

Hopefully you've had an amazing summer and took time to rejuvenate.
We'd like to share with you some tea knowledge this month.  There are some very unusual teas from around the world and one that we're fascinated by is Lapsang Souchong Black.
Did you know Lapsang Souchong Black tea was produced as early as the 17th century in China.  Chinese producers started shipping green tea to Europe and North America .  However, green tea did not travel so well as the journey was 15 to 18 months long.  So a solution was found to help with the transit time.  
Chinese producers discovered rolling, oxidizing and drying would preserve the leaves for a long transit.  The drying rooms had fire ovens in them burning pine wood which was sourced from the local forests.  
And as the wood slowly burned it smoked and was absorbed by the tea.  That is how Lapsang Souchong began.
Lapsang Souchong is delicious on its own or paired with a smokey BBQ.  But our favourite way of using Lapsang Souchong is cooking with it.  We have used it in Whiskey Sour drinks,  making broth for soups, dips and ground up in a homemade rubs. 
Let your imagination run wild with this very complex tasting tea.
As the days get shorter and cooler remember it's always tea time!!
Happy Sipping!!!!

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