How Sustainable Is Your Tea?

Lynn Maidment

My journey with Grand River Tea has taken me to many different subjects on sustainability.  
According to the Oxford dictionary sustainability means:
"involving the use of natural products and energy in a way that does not harm the environment
Our journey began in 2018 looking for a North American grown tea. We found this wonderful plant called Yaupon Holly.  It is grown in the southern United States.  So what makes the Yaupon Holly so unique when it comes to sustainability.  It doesn’t require to be irrigated because it loves drought or boggy conditions.  As long as its not to cold best grown in 7B-9 zones for best results.
Unfortunately it is would be very difficult to grown be in Canada zones 0-7A zones. Possibly in a greenhouse.  So our farm that we purchase our Yaupon from uses no irrigation, pesticides or chemicals.  It just grows wild and all that touches this wonderful caffeinated plant is sunshine and rain.
Like our mission statement says: "Challenging the status quo as to where you think tea should come from.  Grand River Tea dares you to try something different.
Now I know you're going to say but Yaupon requires shipping to Canada and that uses fossil fuel.  Yes, you are correct but we think this is a better alternative travelling 2500KMS from Texas versus over 15000KMS from Asia and Africa.
Grand River Tea is not perfect when it comes to being sustainable.  But we are striving to move forward in a way that is responsible and truly sustainable.  
Were so in love with this only caffeinated beverage which is a native plant to North America.  This is a perfect choice for a delicious and refreshing drink.  
Put that kettle on!